Hodge – Holographic Prose EP review & competition

The precocious talent that is Hodge is back. Fresh from his collaborative outing on Punch Drunk, he is set to release the 'Holographic Prose' EP on Brighton's Well Rounded Housing project. Perhaps the best display of Jacob Marin's sonic dexterity to date, this EP encompasses a wider range of sounds and tempos than we have previously heard from him. Listeners to our radio show will be well familiar with some of the EP already; it is a great pleasure, then, to finally see these tracks on wax. To mark the occasion, not only of the release but also the prosperity of the vinyl-buying community, we have linked with the Well Rounded Record shop to offer a copy of the EP as well as a copy of the 'Blueberry Lemon' EP by Outboxx to one of our readers, and, well, writers... Opening with the anxious, highly saturated shuffle of the title track, the EP moves into a paranoid sub-driven cut, the Tape-Echo radio favourite 'Pressure'. Comparable with the broken techno mutations of Beneath and Batu, the A2 track embraces the dark spirit of the UK underground, sweetening it with a drop of honeyed vocals. By far the stand-out track of the EP. Flipping the plate over, on Monster, a deceptively-titled track, wistful pads and ferric hiss envelop a deceptively fast beat. Opening at half speed, the track opens up halfway through with choppy hats to a brisk 130bpm, before retreating back behind trademark Hodge textured pads. Another radio favourite, 'Slowing Behaviour' is an apt finish for the EP. Effortlessly nodding along somewhere in the very low 100s, this could be viewed as a fuzzy follow-up to the sublime 'Brighten My Day', also released on Well Rounded, as part of Outboxx. Perfect gear for these hot nights, turn it up and drift away. For your chance to win a copy of this and the Blueberry lemon EP, write a paragraph about your favourite vinyl related memory and send it to info(at)tape-echo.com The best one will be added to to this article and the winner will get two excellent pieces of vinyl in the post.