Hotline004 – Commodo – F_ck Mountain // Good Grief

‘Want to know who is on the next Hotline record? Just take a walk down Stokes Croft and look up...’ - that’s what they told me when I asked what was next… The Hotline voicemail was up again last week, rattling out 64Kbps teases of their new record. After a couple of listens to that voice it became clear it was F_ck Mountain by Commodo. Both that and the flip side, ‘Good Grief’, first surfaced on Commodo’s Mixmag mix mid last year and there have been a lot of forum posts devoted to them since. Previously running on dubplate and in the hands of Mala, Kahn and Vivek, to name just a few, after 18 months it’s finally here... What is there to say about a track with a title like F_ck Mountain? It seems very fitting that it ended up on Hotline, not least because of the name - all the releases on Hotline so far have been dance wreckers, drawing from all corners of dance music, from Dancehall to Jungle. Dubstep was one vital part of the UK underground that was missing in their catalogue until now and who better to represent it than Commodo? (something missing here) unleashes his own brand of drunken swagger with no restraint on this plate, sample heavy and rich in detail. Both sides are packed with micro edits and percussion trickery that reward repeated listening, while committing premeditated murder on a dancefloor. The A-side clocks in at 140 ish BPM, built around distorted kicks and the brashest of basslines, while the flip is around 10bpm slower, the second Commodo release to explore a slower tempo. Good Grief is almost pneumatically sprung, the drums punching so hard and fast the only thing you’ll see are the gloves recoiling. Another excellent addition to the Hotline catalogue, one that will stand the test of time as well as the defaced building on the cover. Adam Link