Jabu – Slow Hours

“And the excitement he felt stood beside her would not leave him...“ It's been almost three years since the first cassette got released - coincidentally featuring a live recording of Jabu in the Tape-Echo Studio as well as a Killing Sound piece. It's been almost two years since the still-fresh 7” disc that featured 'Move In Circles' and Kahn's remix of 'You & I' got issued, making up the first foray into vinyl territory for the label. Released this week on single-sided 7” NoCorner welcome back the artists that helped shape the label, presenting their latest single with 'Slow Hours' – Lovingly served up in an edition of 500, with printed sleeves designed and hand-numbered by Amos Childs, (the name behind the rhythms of Jabu) Slow Hours is completed with words from bristol-based poet 'chester giles' and a blinding, unconventionally late 'chorus' section from Alex Rendall, the voice of Jabu. From the first beat right through to the final chorus... A low-slung, stretched-out drum beat, subtle yet powerful bursts of bass and eloquent rhodes lay the foundation, making a perfect frame for the voice to settle and sing, the Slow Hours instrumental displays yet again Amos Child's masterful placement of sounds, perusing their surrounding silence and space in an almost zen-like fashion... The brooding tension, poetic use of words and almost unbearable tranquility of chester giles' speech amplify the heaviness of the rhythm, controlling time until the voice of Jabu 'Alex Rendall' sets in with the chorus, echoing chester's sentiments, elevating this feeling into higher heights. It's a song about love and love-sickness, but much heavier and more real than most of them are. Slow Hours is a slowly turning piece about love-sickness and longing... Distilled soul music in it's purest form.

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