Kahn – Like We Used To

With its now legendary back catalogue its quite easy to forget the reason that Punch Drunk was started, at its core it is a platform to promote new sounds coming from Bristol underground and the latest 12" stays true to that manifesto, the latest instalment sees Bristol resident Kahn release his debut record that sound like the work of a veteran. A - Like we used to the lead track 'Like we used to' is a MONSTER of a track, the baseline rumbles along like a steam train while the drums build up to a infectiously swung groove that you can't help but move to while keeping you on your toes with the suggestion that they might build into a fully formed piece of classic 2-step but never quite giving into your desires. The sultry synthesisers at work here are drenched in a immediately gratifying deep neon glow and the sultry vocals will entice you time and time again with their Michelin starred chops and shifts, proper 'come to bed eyes' on this one…Make no mistake this is a huge slice of 2011 soul music, sounding brighter and fresher than almost anything thats come before it…An instant classic. The flip 'Helter Skelter', could quite possibly be the soundtrack to a midnight drive along the M4 in 2030…or perhaps space travel of some kind…the 'purple wow' tags here are obvious but it effortlessly transcends those tired labels and sets off on a course of its own This is a record you would be foolish to pass by, both tracks are short, but like all the best forbidden encounters, it leaves you begging for more…a record you'll return to again and again. Available from punchdrunkmusic.com now, digital release to follow. Alex Digard. BRAZEN
Kahn 'Like We Used To' (Punch Drunk Records) by Punch Drunk Records