No Corner 002 – Kahn & Neek – Gorgon Grime

Slim details on the whole NoCorner cassette label thus far. Although Tape-Echo helps them out with design and a few other bits and pieces, the group behind it remain very tight lipped about forthcoming releases or their agenda, aside from the handwritten note on their website. Seemingly out of the blue comes their second release, ‘Gorgon Grime’ from Kahn & Neek, perhaps best known for the dance wrecking ‘Percy’, which they released on their own Bandulu records earlier this year. The tape is a 40-minute ‘sonic bricolage’ of snippets from classic grime cypher sessions, pirate radio recordings and iconic white-label tracks. This mountain of audio cuttings is pasted together seamlessly with crusty reverb and layers of tape hiss. The blank cassette in the case looks unnervingly like a standard TDK90 that you might have had lying around your bedroom back in the day (the tabs are still in, so stay away from the record button), only this one contains what is best described as the best pirate radio session that never was – a session of the finest that grime had to offer before it went Pop. Essential listening for grime heads, sample spotters and newcomers alike. Kahn & Neek - ‘Gorgon Grime’ is released on released on Wednesday and will be available from Boomkat, Idle Hands, Disc Shop Zero and directly through their website - Alex Digard.

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