NoCorner001 – J a b u // Killing Sound

Listeners to our radio show may well remember the broadcast we did in collaboration with peng sound where we invited J a b u from Young Echo to do a live set on-air: a 16 minute jam between Alex Rendall and Amos Childs using nothing but an mpc and a microphone, the sludgy broken beats floating in oceans of dub functioning as a very intricate framework for Alex's delicate and considered lyrics. ‘The rest are still resting, on a bed so wretched, that the roaches won’t test it.’ It calls to mind some of the finest moments on the Anticon label, more specifically deep puddle dynamics. While the latter often verged towards the outer edges of consciousness, J a b u offer a more honest, heart on sleeve view on everyday life, verses steeped in meaning, twisting sentences into shapes that will have the rewind button working overtime. ‘Wait, chase the girl, fuck that. Rucksack, no pad, and the pen fits in both hands and moves like a slow jam.’ On the B side is another jam from ‘Killing sound’, an experimental group with a rotating cast of members. (This time around it was Rei, Aka Vessel, Amos form J a b u and El Kid.) Real Love was recorded in Bristol using 2 tables-worth of equipment, El Kid using some undisclosed, circuit-bent hardware, Vessel on drum machines and modular synth and Amos on the laptop and analogue synth. The resulting 20-minute session is a dread-filled trip through acute FM synthesis, not for the faint-hearted or those of a nervous disposition. Slim details on the label itself for the moment other than the first release ships on Wednesday and will be available from Idle Hands, Boomkat, Disc Shop Zero (Japan) and via their own website -