October – Death Drums

One of the most criminally underrated producers in Bristol, who has been steadily carving his own niche over the years, touches down on NoCorner. Death Drums is the result of an idea floated back in 2014, a freewheeling exploration of tempo, texture and rhythm split over 6 tracks and laid down on magnetic tape, primed for sonic exploration. It’s a cross-pollination of Detroit machine soul sensibility with the refined thump of Berlin’s most notorious institutions (which have witnessed him throw down mammoth sets over the years), smashed into the red and brought back to life with the nonchalant twang of the industrial pioneers - In equal parts Cabaret Voltare and Omar S.  Death Drums treads a path between sandblasted electro and sublimely tape-saturated techno, developing ideas from his earlier work on Applepips, following on from last year’s album on Skudge White and fusing them into an intensely rewarding trip - Ruff drums and ferrous basses contrasted by ethereal synth lines and crystalline arpeggios. Unmistakable and inimitable October magic.

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