PSQ005 – Furesshu – Lucid / Lucid (Shifted Remix) / All I Want

Project Squared 005 A: Furesshu - Lucid B1: Furesshu - Lucid (Shifted Remix) B2: Furesshu - All I Want Another strong release from Luke Standing, aka Furesshu. Over the last year or so his records have been finding their way into some of Berghains top DJ and this one has already done the same. The lead Track, 'Lucid', is a lean cut of Berlin techno with enough meat on it to work the floor. There's a choice selection of the finest elements at work here, all working together in harmony. The hats drop in and out in just the right places and the track keeps evolving, with subtle shifts all the way through its seven-minute trip. The mysterious 'Shifted' duo were brought in to remix on the other side. The knowledge they gained over the years through crafting Razor-sharp drum 'n' bass has transferred to the techno realm Effortlessly. If the original version of the track was, say, a transit van, the pair have transformed it into an 18-wheeler driven by a trucker on a tight schedule. Cavernous kicks propel this beast along, accompanied by the perfect amount of hi-hat shuffle, giving it some serious groove and letting the synth stabs stretch out miles into the dark night, a sparse 808 clap arrangement over the top finishes off this excellent remix. The real stand-out here, however, is 'All I Want', a slight change in direction for Furesshu. Evolving from a simple vocal sample the track builds up into a heavyweight slab of jacking house music full of almost palpable dubbed-out synth work and shoulder-shaking shuffle. Once again Standing excercises restraint beyond his years on these productions, using a few select ideas with deadly precision to create a killer tune that takes floors by storm. Played by everyone from Appleblim to Norman Nodge, another great release for Project Squared. Alex Digard.
PSQ005 - Furesshu - Lucid / Lucid (Shifted Remix) / All I Want - by Project Squared