PSQ006 – AnD – Algorythmic Love EP (feat. Tom Dicicco Remix)

Project Squared 06: AnD – Algorithmic Love EP The sixth 12” from Paul Coopers & Gordon Giesekings ‘Project Squared’ label sees Manchester’s duo ‘AnD’ bringing their ‘Algorithmic love’ EP to the table. The EP features three diverse tracks backed with an excellent remix from Tom Dicicco; also a Manchester based producer. Having had their recent HG 12” on constant rotation since its release I was excited at the news of them furthering their work on Project Squared, and this one does not let down in the slightest. 2011 has seen the duo release on Black Sun records and HG with two techno orientated releases; this one however shows the pair in a slightly different musical light. Hitting the Project Squared ethos of techno and dubstep right on the nail AnD have put together a tightly produced dancefloor focused creation containing hefty amounts of depth and quality. On the A side there’s lead track ‘Algorithmic Love’ and ‘Brother from another Mother’. ‘Algorithmic Love’ is head nodding stuff that exemplifies AnD’s mature understanding of both techno and dubstep sounds. The track is a very brushed up techno/dubstep fusion swinging in around the 135 mark. The track features menacing snares and pounding bass stabs that creep up from nowhere. By combining a pounding and delicate use of percussion the track sits nicely between being aggressive and relaxed. At the mid-way point it switches the style up and gets its swing on accompanied by ambient and fluid sounding synths, this is bass driven delight. The accompanying track on the A side ‘Brother from another Mother’ takes things deeper and drops the tempo to the 130 mark. This one’s a dub techno piece; heavily immersive and incredibly pensive.  It shows AnD’s ability to sound ‘techno’ yet throw the rule book out at the same time. With a calm bass flow and minimalist percussion this one sets the tone and creates the mood; articulate deepness. On the B side two very interesting tracks; ‘Swing me’ and Tom Dicicco’s remix of ‘Brother from another Mother’.  ‘Swing me’ comes in around the 135 mark and will satisfy those partial to dub techno and dubstep as it seemingly effortlessly blurs the lines between the two. Beginning with ominous drum arrangement and leading into intricate percussion that merge seamlessly with a momentous bass line and aquatic sounding synths results in a moody, deep sea vibe. Accompanying this track is Tom Dicicco’s remix of the A sides ‘Brother from another Mother’.  This one oozes quality and finesse. Having just two releases with his own name stamped on it (Baud records & Finale sessions Records) and a remix of Patrick Graeser’s ‘Squalid’ there’s still relatively little known about the producer. What is known now though is that he is able to produce exceptional music which sits comfortably amongst previous project squared records. Taking the original slower around the 125 tempo Dicicco presents the track with dub techno and deep house elements resulting in beautifully deep grooves. Mystical sounding synths, eerie background samples and quality percussion arrangements alongside a swelling bass prove Tom Dicicco to be quite the craftsmen. An accomplished sounding 12” consisting of intelligently structured bass driven music; exactly what Project Squared is all about. Charlie Davis-Miller
PSQ006 - AnD - Algorythmic Love EP (feat. Tom Dicicco Remix) - by Project Squared