Selecta 003

Jackoff Beats 001 - Borai - Switchblade Getting lost in a world of hardware stashed ‘Behind The Red Door’, (October’s studio) while the man himself was away in Berlin, Borai comes with this heady trip through deep space, elasticated bass and acid flashback arpeggios. Tough, driving Techno for the late night crowd. James Braun & Dan M - Hardache (October RMX) October takes the fairly unremarkable original track and leaves it broken and twisted almost beyond recognition for his ‘Jacked On Remix’. Staccato synth shuffle and his inimitable drums work in disjointed harmony to create a very tense and deadly dance wrecker. Finally available on vinyl, it was well worth waiting for. These two tracks are the pick of the bunch on the E.P. and they are both pressed on the outside of each side of the record, loud and crisp in the tops...perfect. Alex Digard Alex Coulton - Candy Flip/Brooklyn Breaking away from his work on horizontal ground and picking up where the ‘Representations’ ep left off, Coulton’s muted melody wanders around the crisp and intricate drum work of candy flip. Rotund bass and delays sound a lot like ‘04 Simbad productions. A solid DJ tool. Flip it over for a sublime ride through the borough in ‘Brooklyn’, a sophisticated and reserved number that tells tales of late nights, sweaty clubs and walking home in the early hours. Highly recommended. Alex Digard HHD LTD 004 A 170 affair drifting into Dub Techno territory, Martsman and DB1's release on the Berlin-centric label ‘Hidden Hawaii’ is a fresh and imaginative blend of both genres. With 'Static', Martsman uses his easily perceptible drums as an undercoat to the sparse but weighty chords that weave effortlessly between the percussion and deep riding low end. Backed with 'Vanguard' by DB1, a similar trip accompanied by a granular atmosphere, undercut by a heavy oscillating bass and clean break reminiscent of early Breakage. Pressed in a limited run (211) pearly translucent blue 12" with a handstamped insert. Neka