Kowton - Looking At You (Keysound) Written at a time when UK Funky ruled the airwaves, 'Looking At You' is a sophisticated take on the genre, referencing the off grid drum patterns and vocal chops while maintaining a sophisticated level of reserve and using a different sonic palette to the average funky track. This is Kowton at his most unrestrained and melodic since 'Stasis'. Comparing it with any of his recent work would be unfair as it was written nearly 3 years ago. Dance music, by its very nature doesn't tend to age well this is one of the exceptions to the rule. While the disposable tracks that influenced it have faded from memory, 'Looking At You', after being cooped up on the Keysound computer for 3 years, is finally available and sounds fresher and more relevent than ever. Tessela - D Jane (Punch Drunk) 160g of uncut West Country power...2 slabs of highly percussive pressure designed for the dance. Fitting somewhere in between the delicate drum work of Joe and the unbridled bashyness of Untold, this is choice gear...use at your own risk! Artifact - Deserted (Deadplate) Artifact arrives in fine style on his first physical release on the sonically and aesthetically on-point Deadplate label. Deserted is a low- slung ride through bristling filtered pads, brusque snare rolls and distorted 808 kicks, deftly sidestepping the trappings of the 'bass muzak' cliche, creating a track that would sound more than at home being banged out the open boot of a Cadillac. A solid start to what promises to be a very busy year for Artifact and the label. Deadplate are leading by example, putting cutting edge dance music on wax while a large number of their peers are content with churning out endless digital releases

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