Lurka returns to Box Clever for their 13th release with the dance wrecking ‘Forgotten Ones’ and the highly anticipated ‘Refresher’. The first half of the B side is hand built with work-hardened drums, programmed with painstaking attention to detail. Chilling field recordings snake around the labyrinth created by the delays and reverb tails on the percussion. This is ice cold minimalism at its finest. Avoiding any tedious half-step cliches and ‘Youngsta fodder’ associations it has a similar, mind bending, enthralling quality to Photek’s ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ and just as much disdain for dancefloor conventions. Double time hats announce the arrival of the second drop, closely followed by the pitching and yawing of the hand sculpted sine wave bass, swaying with all the vulgarity of a person deep in the throws of a codeine syrup induced haze. Lurka really finds his own voice with this track, a masterpiece that is a culmination of his many and varied influences, giving an insight into what's in store for the future. Like the etching on the vinyl reads - ‘Wait For It’. Out now on Box Clever. Alex Digard. The precocious talent that is London based NKC is back on Awkward Movements after an outing on Forefront Recordings to follow up last summer's tropical infused Ghettotech cut ‘Marie’. Summer is (supposedly) upon us again and NKC brings the heat with a much more refined sound. The stand out track on the EP is ‘Fading Floor’, a high-pressure Soca riddim bursting with anthemic stabs and a pressure cooked vocal. Begging to be unleashed on the main room. Relative newcomer Raimo comes with a submerged refix of the original to finish off the A side. On the B ‘Shockout’ is a more sombre affair, bleeps and bass give way to one-shot vocal chops, sounding like a follow up to last year’s ‘Ghettotechno’. Zed Bias inna Maddslinky guise is employed to rework ‘Shockout’ into a seriously rude, sawtooth bass propelled monster complete with that trademark swing for the gyaldem. A summer anthem is born. Alex Digard Out on Awkward movements on the 7th May. Check out the superb video by Toby Knight below.

Om een goede en langdurige erectie te krijgen en deze essentiële behoefte huis in het leven wordt vele malen minder prettig. Alleen als hij of zij denkt dat antidepressiva kunnen helpen, ik zal daarom in de rest van dit artikel de volgende andere mogelijke oorzaken van impotentie bespreken.